The tenant said they will pay the rent in a few days. They promised.

Sometimes managing a rental property can be a stressful situation. Tenants are late. The furnace goes out in the middle of the night. They want to paint the kitchen red. You have enough things to worry about. Don't make property management one of them.

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I understand the real estate market in Southeastern Michigan like few others. I go through more than 300 homes per year. From Grand Blanc to Ypsilanti and from Howell to Harrison Twp, I see them all!


I have an entire marketing team, just waiting for your listing. Over 100 websites, plus the MLS. Billboards, Radio, Television, even ads before movies in theaters. If anyone is looking for a property like yours, they will find it!


The best way to tell if someone will pay their rent in the future, is to look at their past. From credit, criminal and eviction histories, to landlord verification, my application department makes sure that approved tenants have never given another landlord a bad time.


How many times have you called someone for an update, and you never hear back? Whether it’s a Realtor, a mortgage broker, a title company, or a tenant, information is key. If you can’t communicate, you can’t make decisions. I always communicate. Whether it’s a happy status update, or a serious problem, you always hear from me.

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